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Study With Us

Students pursuing study at an undergraduate and postgraduate level have many opportunities to get involved and study with the WA-OIGC group.

PhD Research

WA-OIGC is looking for passionate and motivated students to work on postgraduate research projects. See currently advertised opportunities below.

Other postgraduate projects are available. To enquire about any other opportunities please email Prof. Kliti Grice (

To apply for a PhD project, please send full CV and two referee names to Prof. Kliti Grice (


The ‘untapped organic remains’ of insects - PhD

The evolution and extinction of meiolaniid turtles on Lord Howe Island – PhD

The molecular record in Devonian and Jurassic fossils

The molecular record in extraordinarily preserved concretions

Untapping “the role of biogeochemical activities in fossilisation”

Honours and Undergraduate Research

WA-OIGC welcomes students looking to do 3rd year or Honours research projects. To find out more about available opportunities please email Prof. Kliti Grice (