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Luke Brosnan

Extraordinarily preserved dinosaur fossils

Supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Co-supervisors: Dr Stephen Poropat,  Dr William Rickard

Funding: RTP and ARC

Darren Cheah

Writing Up

Heterogeneity of microbial genomes and biochemical functionality in relation to source rock maturity and provenance and petroleum deterioration in the deep subsurface

Supervisor: A/Prof. Marco Coolen

Co-supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Funding: ARC Linkage

Carmelo Chiappalone

Advancement in analytical methodologies for generating accurate air emissions data from industrial sources

Supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Co-supervisor: Adjunct A/Prof. Marisa Ioppolo-Armanios

Funding: Self-funded


Md Akthar-E Ekram

Writing Up

The Lake Towuti Drilling Project: 600 kyrs of biodiversity changes in Southeast Asia recorded through ancient sedimentary DNA genotyping

Supervisor: A/Prof. Marco Coolen

Co-supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Funding: ARC Discovery and Curtin Start-up

andy jian

Andy Jian

Marine preservation of vertebrates throughout time: Geochemical analyses and new palaeobiology insight

Supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Co-supervisors: Dr Stephen Poropat, Dr Alexander Holman

Funding: RTP and ARC Laureate fellowship

adele pentland

Adele Pentland

Pterosaurs from the Early to mid-Cretaceous of Australia

Supervisor: Dr Stephen Poropat

Co-supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice and Prof Pat Vickers- Rich

Funding: RTP (part-time) and ARC Laureate fellowship


Rajani Balkrishna Rao

Writing Up

Microbial biodiversity, biogeochemical and biotechnological properties of Mulu Cave systems

Supervisor: A/Prof. Marco Coolen

Co-supervisors: Adjunct Prof. Clem Kuek (Miri campus), Prof. Kliti Grice

Funding: Curtin – Malaysia Research Institute (CMRI) Top-Down PhD Grant


Hridya Vijay

Microbial Fossilization of leaves

Supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Co-supervisor: A/Prof. Marco Coolen, Dr Navdeep Dhami

Funding: ARC Laureate