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Matthew Campbell - Writing up

Sulfur cycling in microbialites- Shark Bay, WA and Lake Clifton

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, A/Prof Marco Coolen

Associate supervisor: Professor Lorenz Schwark



Darren Cheah

Heterogeneity of microbial genomes and biochemical functionality in relation to source rock maturity and provenance and petroleum deterioration in the deep subsurface

Supervisors: A/Prof. Marco Coolen, Prof. Kliti Grice


Yalimay Mercedes Jimenez de Duarte

Innovative age discrimination and petroleum assessment in sub-basins of North West Shelf, Western Australia

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice and A/Prof. Marco Coolen


Akthar Ekram

The Lake Towuti Drilling Project: 600 kyrs of biodiversity changes in Southeast Asia recorded through ancient sedimentary DNA genotyping

Supervisor: A/Prof. Marco Coolen

Co-supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Funding: ARC Discovery

Calum Fox

Recovery of the Triassic-Jurassic Mass Extinction Event

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, A/Prof Marco Coolen

Associate Supervisor: A/Prof Jessica Whiteside


ARC Linkage (Woodside), CIRTS


Charlie Gurr

Characterization of polar lipids from archaea, bacteria and eukaryotes in the Chicxulub impact crater

Supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Co-supervisor: A/Prof. Marco Coolen

Funding: ARC Discovery

Nannan He

Sulfur circulation study in oil and related rocks through Isotope analysis

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, Dr Paul Greenwood, A/Prof Marco Coolen


Funding:  China-Australia Scholarship (4 years)

Megan Ladbrook

Supervisors: Prof. Kliti Grice and A/Prof. Marco Coolen

Shaojie Li

Isotopic Dating Oil Generation and Charge Events in McArthur (Australia) and Sichuan (China) Basin

Supervisors: Xuan-Ce Wang, Svetlana Tessalina, Chris elders, Keyu Liu


ARC Future fellow project and PetroChina funded project


Sureyya Kose - Under examination

Molecular, isotopic and genetic composition of microbialites: Modern and ancient analogues

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, A/Prof Marco Coolen, Prof Lorenz Schwark


APA/CUPS/WA-OIG and collaboration with Fiona Stanley Hospital


Aileen Mirasol-Robert

Field characterisation of Australian gold deposits

Supervisors: Professor Campbell McCuaig (Centre for Exploration Targeting, UWA), Dr Paul Greenwood (UWA), Professor Kliti Grice (Curtin University), Dr Caroline Jaraula (Curtin University)


Field Characterisation of Australian gold deposits. This PhD project is part of the CSIRO National Research Flagship “Minerals Down Under” – Organic Geochemistry of Mineral Systems Cluster. The focus is on the field characterisation of Australian gold deposits. This research aims to investigate the role of organic matter in the actual source, transport and deposition of gold.


“Minerals Down Under” – Organic Geochemistry of Mineral Systems Cluster led by Curtin University, IPRIS scholarship (University of Western Australia)

Writing up PhD thesis.


Kuldeep Dilip More - Under examination

Virus-plankton interactions during long-term changes in climate influenced lake and marine settings

Supervisors: A/Prof Marco Coolen, Prof Kilti Grice

Associate supervisor: Dr Jennifer McIlwain




Mattia Saccò

Unravelling the food-web structure of the subterranean invertebrate communities of arid zone Western Australia

Supervisor: Dr Alison Blyth

Co-supervisor: Dr Philip Bateman, Prof Kliti Grice


Bettina Schaefer - Writing up

The End Cretaceous Mass Extinction Event – Recovery and Evolution of Life

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, A/Prof Marco Coolen




Chunhua Shi

New methods research of source-hydrocarbon correlation under high maturity: The Neoproterozoic Dengying hydrocarbon reservoir from the Sichuan Basin, southwestern China

Supervisors: Prof Jian Cao, Prof Wenxuan, Prof Kliti Grice


Francis Spilsbury

Fish Fingerprints; Signatures of Oil Contamination

Supervisor: A/Prof. Monique Gagnon

Co-supervisor:  Prof. Kliti Grice

Funding: ARC Linkage

Takashi Taniwaki

High-Resolution petroleum source rock characterization by integrating multiple geological aspects such as organic geochemistry, sedimentology and stratigraphy. Development of a new insight for exploration play analyses and petroleum system investigations.

Supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Chris Elders

Funding: Inpex, industry

Madison Tripp

Unique photic zone euxinic conditions of mass extinction events and their associated link with exceptional fossil preservation

Supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Co-supervisor: A/Prof. Marco Coolen

Funding: APA equivalent

Danlei Wang

Source-rocks and Petroleum Associated with the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction Event

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, A/Prof Marco Coolen

Funding:  China-Australia Scholarship (4 years)


Jiayu Wu

Characterization of fluvial, lacustrine and deltaic depositional settings of the Mungaroo Formation by palynofacies analysis.

Supervisors: Prof Daniel Peyrot (UWA), Prof Kliti Grice

Cornelia Wuchter

Living and dying under high stress: geobiochemical aspects of fossilization and environmental drivers shaping flexibility of carbon-utilization of plants in saline environments.

Supervisor: Prof Kliti Grice
Co-supervisor: Prof Laco Mucina
A/Supervisor: Prof Jean-Philippe Croue