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Matthew Campbell - Writing up

Sulfur cycling in microbialites- Shark Bay, WA and Lake Clifton

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, A/Prof Marco Coolen

Associate supervisor: Professor Lorenz Schwark



Darren Cheah - Writing up

Heterogeneity of microbial genomes and biochemical functionality in relation to source rock maturity and provenance and petroleum deterioration in the deep subsurface

Supervisors: A/Prof. Marco Coolen, Prof. Kliti Grice


Carmelo Chiappalone

Advancement in analytical methodologies for generating accurate air emissions data from industrial sources

Supervisors: Professor Kliti Grice and Adjunct Associate Professor Marisa Ioppolo Armanios

Yalimay Mercedes Jimenez de Duarte - Writing up

Innovative age discrimination and petroleum assessment in sub-basins of North West Shelf, Western Australia

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice and A/Prof. Marco Coolen


Akthar Ekram

The Lake Towuti Drilling Project: 600 kyrs of biodiversity changes in Southeast Asia recorded through ancient sedimentary DNA genotyping

Supervisors: A/Prof. Marco Coolen and Prof. Kliti Grice

Funding: ARC Discovery

Calum Fox

Recovery of the Triassic-Jurassic Mass Extinction Event

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, A/Prof Marco Coolen

Associate Supervisor: A/Prof Jessica Whiteside


ARC Linkage (Woodside), CIRTS


Nannan He - Submitted

Sulfur circulation study in oil and related rocks through Isotope analysis

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, Dr Paul Greenwood, A/Prof Marco Coolen


Funding:  China-Australia Scholarship (4 years)

Shaojie Li

Isotopic Dating Oil Generation and Charge Events in McArthur (Australia) and Sichuan (China) Basin

Supervisors: Xuan-Ce Wang, Svetlana Tessalina, Chris elders, Keyu Liu


ARC Future fellow project and PetroChina funded project


Sohaib Naseer

Supervisors: A/Prof. Marco Coolen and Prof. Kliti Grice

Mattia Saccò - Submitted

Unravelling the food-web structure of the subterranean invertebrate communities of arid zone Western Australia

Supervisor: Dr Alison Blyth

Co-supervisor: Dr Philip Bateman, Prof Kliti Grice


Bettina Schaefer - Writing up

The End Cretaceous Mass Extinction Event – Recovery and Evolution of Life

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, A/Prof Marco Coolen




Francis Spilsbury

Fish Fingerprints; Signatures of Oil Contamination

Supervisor: A/Prof. Monique Gagnon

Co-supervisor:  Prof. Kliti Grice

Funding: ARC Linkage

Takashi Taniwaki

High-Resolution petroleum source rock characterization by integrating multiple geological aspects such as organic geochemistry, sedimentology and stratigraphy. Development of a new insight for exploration play analyses and petroleum system investigations.

Supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Chris Elders

Funding: Inpex, industry

Madison Tripp

Unique photic zone euxinic conditions of mass extinction events and their associated link with exceptional fossil preservation

Supervisor: Prof. Kliti Grice

Co-supervisor: A/Prof. Marco Coolen

Funding: APA equivalent

Danlei Wang

Source-rocks and Petroleum Associated with the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction Event

Supervisors: Prof Kliti Grice, A/Prof Marco Coolen

Funding:  China-Australia Scholarship (4 years)


Jiayu Wu

Characterization of fluvial, lacustrine and deltaic depositional settings of the Mungaroo Formation by palynofacies analysis.

Supervisors: Prof Daniel Peyrot (UWA), Prof Kliti Grice

Cornelia Wuchter

Living and dying under high stress: geobiochemical aspects of fossilization and environmental drivers shaping flexibility of carbon-utilization of plants in saline environments.

Supervisor: Prof Kliti Grice
Co-supervisor: Prof Laco Mucina
A/Supervisor: Prof Jean-Philippe Croue