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PhD Graduates

Calum Fox PhD

Thesis title: New insights into the end-Triassic extinction from UK sections: A biomarker and isotopic study, Curtin University

Graduated 2020

Kuldeep More PhD

Thesis title: Virus-plankton interactions during long-term changes in climate influenced lake and marine settings

Graduated 2019

Sureyya Kose PhD

Thesis title: Investigations into the molecular, isotopic and genomic mechanisms behind gallstone disease. Curtin University

Graduated 2019

Gemma Spaak PhD

Thesis title: Molecular and Isotopic Perspectives on Australian Petroleum Systems: Hydrocarbon Fluid Correlations and Source Rock Depositional Environments in the Canning and Browse Basins

Graduated: 2018

Hendrik Grotheer PhD

Thesis title: Novel techniques in organic geochemistry applied to Australian resources

Graduated: 2017


Jaime Rafael Cesar Colmenares PhD

Thesis title: Fundamental discrimination between fluids originating in the Triassic Mungaroo Formation coals vs. other candidate source rocks of Jurassic age

Graduated: 2017

Chloe Plet PhD

Thesis title: Early diagenetic processes associated with preservation of organic matter in concretions from the Early Toarcian anoxic event (SW Germany) and modern microbialites (Western Australia): A combined organic and inorganic geochemical approaches.

Graduated: 2017

Hu Siyu PhD

Thesis title: The Role of Carbonaceous Material in the Formation of Macraes Orogenic Gold Deposit, New Zealand, Curtin University

Graduated: 2017

Alex Holman PhD

Thesis title: Organic geochemistry of the Paleoproterozoic Here’s Your Chance Pb/Zn/Ag deposit. Curtin University

Graduated: 2014

Ines Melendez PhD

Thesis title: Biomarkers and their stable isotopic compositions in sulfide-rich ancient deposits related to mass extinction events. Curtin University

Graduated: 2014

Mojgan Ladjavardi PhD

Thesis title: Paleaoenvironmental reconstruction of the Induan/Olenekian event of the lower Triassic to establish the source of gas in the Perth Basin, WA. Curtin University

Graduated: 2015

Anais Pages PhD

Thesis title: Biogeochemical cycles (C, N, S, P and Fe) of modern and ancient microbialites (Western Australia). Curtin University

Graduated: 2014

Anthony Hall PhD

Thesis title: Elemental, isotopic and molecular signatures of Early Cambrian marine sediments and a phantom petroleum system in South Australia. Adelaide University

Graduated: 2013

Svenja Tulipani PhD

Thesis title: Novel biomarker and stable isotopic approaches for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of saline and stratified ecosystems: The modern Coorong Lagoon and Devonian reefs of the Canning Basin. Curtin University

Graduated: 2013

Dawn White PhD

Thesis title: The use of stable isotopes for the characterisation of natural organic matter and investigation of the different organic precursors of aquatic systems. Curtin University

Graduated: 2013

Shagufta Nasir PhD

Thesis title: Application of Biological Markers to Characterize Petroleum and Source Rocks of the Southern Indus Basin. Curtin University / University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan

Graduated: 2011

Lindsay Hays PhD

Thesis title: Biogeochemical proxies for environmental and biotic conditions at the Permian-Triassic boundary. MIT, USA

Graduated: 2011

Shahid Nadeem PhD

Thesis title: Evaluating Geochemical Record of Ancient Sediments from In-Vitro Maturation of Asphaltenes and Kerogen. Curtin University/ University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Pakistan

Graduated: 2011

Christiane Eiserbeck PhD

Thesis title: Molecular and Isotope Chronostratigraphy of Tertiary Source Rocks and Crude Oils. Curtin University

Graduated: 2011

Christiane Desiree Vitzthum von Eckstaedt PhD

Thesis title: Delta 13C and delta D measurements of volatile organic compounds in a variety of emissions by thermal desorption compound specific isotope analysis. Curtin University

Graduated: 2011

Ercin Maslen PhD

Thesis title: Evaluating the source, age, thermal history and palaeoenvironments of deposition of Australian and Western Canadian petroleum systems: compound specific stable isotopes coupled with inorganic trace elements. Curtin University

Graduated: 2011

Salem Aboglila PhD

Thesis title: Organic and Isotopic geochemistry of the source rocks and crude oils from East Sirte Basin. Curtin University

Graduated: 2010

Muhammad Asif PhD

Thesis title: Geochemical characterization of Pakistani crude oils using polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Curtin University/ University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan

Graduated: 2010

Pauline Chau PhD

Thesis title: The role of pesticide metabolites and preferential flow in understanding pesticide fate in the vadose zone. University of Western Australia

Graduated: 2010

Tamara Pilgrim PhD

Thesis title: Application of stable isotope and trace element signatures to the provenance establishment of plant derived products of forensic significance. University of Western Australia

Graduated: 2010

Birgit Nabbefeld PhD

Thesis title: Biomarker distributions and stable isotopes (C, S, H) to establish palaeoenvironmental change related to the end-Permian mass extinction event. Curtin University

Graduated: 2010

Luc Fusetti PhD

Thesis title: Elaboration of a kinetic model in order to predict the molecular and isotopic composition of natural gas generated during the thermal cracking of hydrocarbons. Curtin University

Graduated: 2008

Christian Hallmann PhD

Thesis title: Polar constituents of oils and bitumens- new applications to petroleum geochemistry and palaeo(biogeochemistry). Curtin University

Graduated: 2007

Markus Langsa Masters

Thesis title: Molecular and Isotopic characterization of leachates in water. Curtin University

Graduated: 2007

Pia Atahan PhD

Thesis title: Early agriculture and Holocene environments in the Yangtze river delta, China. University of Western Australia

Graduate: 2007

Daniel Dawson PhD

Thesis title: Stable hydrogen isotope ratios of individual hydrocarbons in sediments and petroleum. Curtin University

Graduated: 2007