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WA Earth Connections 2023

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the expo, particularly as Homeschoolers. We learnt so much and it was so cool to be able to meet people working in the field. Some people get excited to meet celebrities, we were excited to have met a Palaeontologist! Everyone was so lovely, we enjoyed it a lot.”

2023 WA Earth Connections teacher/parent attendee

“It was such a fabulous programme. The timing was spot on, the volunteers enthusiastic and engaging, the gaming was hands on, the people at the trade show happy to talk with the children, and the ability to sit in on the rapid fire presentations was great. One of the best organised programmes we have attended in a long while. We really appreciated the recess and lunch. We are a no income family so this free educational program was so amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to attend. The children got so much out of it, as did I. A very well run and informative programme. Thank you. 🙂”

2023 WA Earth Connections teacher/parent attendee

Click below to read more about the upcoming WA Earth Connections event in 2024.

2024 Event

Thanks to WAOIGC, Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Geoscience Australia, CORE Learning Foundation, Curtin University and University of Western Australia for supporting the 2023 event.