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  • ARC LIEFP (2023-2024) K. Grice, M. Allentoft, A. Holman, B. Mullins, J. McDonald, A. Sadekov, N. Dhami, K. Linge ($291K)


  • ARC Discovery Project (2022-2025) K. Grice, M. Coolen, L. Schwark & V. Korasidis ($485K)


  • ARC Laureate Fellowship (2021-2027) K. Grice ($2,968M)
  • ARC LIEFP Curtin University as partner and ANZIC has been successful in ARC LIEF funding ($3M) request to enable ANZIC to continue for a further 18 months.
    Professor Eelco Rohling; Associate Professor Helen Bostock; Professor Simon George; Emeritus Professor John Foden; Associate Professor Stephen Gallagher; Professor Kliti Grice; Associate Professor Helen McGregor; Associate Professor Oliver Nebel; Dr Michael O’Leary; Dr Craig Sloss; Professor Christian Turney; Associate Professor Jody Webster; Associate Professor Joanne Whittaker; Dr Stuart Henrys; Dr David Robinson


  • Industry ($40K) Grice and Holman


  • Industry ($250K) Grice


  • ARC LIEFP Grice et al., ($1.257M) A novel ToF-SIMS facility for organic and inorganic analyses in WA
  • ARC Linkage Gagnon, Grice ($235K) Fish fingerprints signatures of oil contamination


  • ARC Discovery Curtin led (2018-2021) $348K Grice, Coolen, Summons The recovery of life recorded at the End-Cretaceous impact crater.


  • IODP and ANZIC. (2016-2017) The establishment of ocean anoxia and ocean acidification during the PETM: Understanding the biological and chemical response on a regional and global scale (Expedition 342) Johnson and Grice
  • IODP and ANZIC. (2016-2018) IODP Expedition 364 entitled “The Chicxulub post-impact crater record: duration of a giant hydrothermal system and window into the resurgence and evolution of marine and terrestrial life”. Coolen and Grice
  • ARC Discovery ANU led (2016-2019) $413K This project aims to generate knowledge of long-term changes in vegetation and rainfall for the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool (IPWP). Stevenson, Coolen, Russell



  • ARC LINKAGE (Woodside) (2015-2018) $810K Grice, Coolen and Murray
    $770K Grice (2015-2017) Several industry related research only projects
  • ARC LIEFP (2015) $670K Millar, Clode et al., Grice High resolution mass spectrometer for metabolics and proteinomics
  • ARC DISCOVERY (2015-2018) $430K Grice, Visscher, Sessions, Schwark Sulfur cycling in modern microbialites, toxic oozes and petroleum
  • ARC LIEFP (2015) $160K Skrzypek, Grierson, Edwards, McCulloch, Grice Isotope analyser for water samples



    • ARC LIEFP (ODP) (2014) Grice and Coolen Metatransciptomics, lipid biomarker and stable isotope geochemistry of microbial community structure of the Northern Carnarvon Basin
    • ARC LINKAGE (2014) Austin, Prof Andrew D; Cooper, Prof Steven J; Humphreys, Adj/Prof William F; Blyth, Dr Alison; Mitchell, Prof James G; Munguia, Dr Pablo; Harvey, Prof Mark S; Byrne, Dr Margaret; Halse, Dr Stuart A; Humphreys, Mr Garth
    • ARC DISCOVERY (2014) Long, Prof John A; Trinajstic, A/Prof Katherine M; Schmitz, Dr Lars; Johanson, Dr Zerina M; Young, Dr Gavin C; Zhu, Prof Dr Min


      • ARC LIEFP ($150K )-(2012) Grice, Charrois, Woltering, Blyth, Bush, Sullivan, Murphy,Greenwood, Skrzypek, Trengove Three-dimensional analysis of important organic components in energy, environmental and earth systems
      • ARC Discovery-DORA-3 ($710K)-(2012) Grice, Summons. Tackling the resurgences of life, advanced dating tools of oils by sophisticated molecular and isotopic analyses from major geological events


      • AINSE/ANSTO ($30K) – Jaraula, Grice, Matieu. West Pacific Warm Pool using Stable isotopes and biomarkers.
      • AINSE/ANSTO Student grants –Grice, Jaraula, Lockhart, Trinajstic, Greenwood, Melendez, Holman, Pages et al.
      • ARC LIEFP ($150K ) – Grice, Oliver, Charrois, Greenwood, Linge, Flematti, Tan, Dodson (2011) Automated preparative gas chromatograph for isolating unique and important organic components for structural identification.
      • ARC LIEFP ($275K) – UWA led May et al., Jaraula. Raman facility for advanced research supporting Australia’s natural gas, oil, coal and mineral industried.
      • ARC LIEFP ($620K) – UWA led Sampson, Regenauer-Lieb, Fusseis, Johns, Iglauer, Barnesn, Trinajstic, Murphy, Clennell, Xie, Dixon High-resolution X-ray micro computed tomography supporting West Australian geo-, physical and biological science.
      • AINSE/ANSTO (ca. $600K) – Fellowship, Blyth A.


      • CSIRO/ Minerals Collaboration Cluster Fund ($3M) – Grice, Evans, Rasmussen, Gale, McCulloch, Greenwood, McCuaig, Brocks, Moreau. Organic-Inorganic interactions.
      • ARC Discovery QEII ($710K) – Trinajstic, Boisvert, Ahlberg, Johanson, Smith. Fleshing out the fossil record: using organically preserved soft tissues and bone to explore the evolution of unique vertebrate characters.
      • ARC Linkage ($1.2M) – Southern Cross, Curtin, Melbourne – Bush, Grice, Moreau, Sullivan, Burton, Rose, Johnston, McElnea, Ahern. Electron flow in iron hyper-enriched acidifying coastal environments: reaction paths and kinetics of iron-sulfur-carbon transformations.
      • Curtin Internal Strategic Grant ($12.5K)Jaraula West Pacific Warm Pool using Stable isotopes and biomarkers.


      • ARC LIEFP ($300K) 2010 CurtinGrice, Murphy, Greenwood, Heitz, Grierson, Busetti*, Wacey*, Gleeson*. High resolution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (Orbitrap) for analyses of polar compounds in biomass, petroleum, potable and reclaimed water. ECR * only.
      • ARC LIEFP ($100K) 2010 UWA – Grierson, Kendrick**, Skrzypek*, Fellman, Bowman, Grice, Waite*, Stock, Froend, Lavery A high-resolution isotope facility for low cost analysis of water, plant, and soil/sediment samples to understand environmental change. ECR * only.
      • ARC LIEFP ($450K) 2010 UWA – Sampson et al. (28 others including *Trinajstic) In-Vivo Multispectral and X-ray Micro-CT Imaging: Founding a Western Australian small animal imaging core facility. ECR * only.
      • ARC Discovery ($440K) 2010-2013Grice, Greenwood Summons, Snape. Linking modern biolipids and pigments to ancient biomolecules using innovative laser and hydro pyrolysis and compound specific stable isotope techniques. Appointment of Youping Zhou.
      • ARC Discovery ($370K) 2010-2013 – Young, Long, Senden, *Trinajstic, *Burrow, Zhu, Marshall. Origin of jaws – the greatest unsolved mystery of early vertebrate evolution. ECR * only.
      • ARC LINKAGE ($600K) 2010-2013 – Bush, Sullivan, Grice, Burton*, Appleyard, Greenwood, Fisher. Approved Hyper-accumulations of monosulfidic sediments: Exploring a biogeochemical extreme to resolve fundamental sulfur biomineralisation pathways. Collaborating/ Partner Organisation(s) WA Department of Environment and Conservation, WA Department of Water, WA Department of Infrastructure and Planning, Shire of Murray, City of Mandurah. Appointment of Robert Lockhart. * ECR only.
      • ANSTO/CURTIN fellowship ($300K) 2009-2012Grice and Dodson (appointment of Tobias Ertefai ECR only)


      • ANSTO/CURTIN fellowship ($300K) 2009-2012Grice and Dodson.


      • Australian Synchrotron 2 rounds Grice, Van Bronswijk, Williford*, LeMétayer*, Liu, Pandolfi, Clode. Characterisation of organic materials in (1) petroleum containing fluid inclusions, (2) coral tissue (3) the HYC stratiform sediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag deposit and (4) petroleum source-rocks and kerogens. * ECR only.
      • ARC Discovery/QEII fellowship ($660K) 2008-2012Grice, Summons, Twitchett. Characteristics of organic matter formed in toxic, sulfide rich modern and ancient sediments. Appointment of Caroline Jaraula ECR only.
      • IGCP572 Grant ($5,000) 2008 – Zong-Qiang, Tong, Twitchett, Grice, Fraiser, Kershaw, Algeo, Crasquin. Permian-Triassic Ecosystems, Restoration of marine ecosystems following the Permian/Triassic mass extinction.
      • Australian Synchrotron 2 rounds Grice, Van Bronswijk, Williford, LeMétayer, Liu, Pandolfi, Clode. Characterisation of organic materials in (1) petroleum containing fluid inclusions, (2) coral tissue (3) the HYC stratiform sediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag deposit and (4) petroleum source-rocks and kerogens.
      • ARC LIEFP ($160K)Grice, Grierson, Greenwood, Brocks, Zhang, Heitz. A novel isotope facility to characterise high molecular weight fractions of natural organic matter in soils, sediments, water, petroleum and coal.
      • ARC Linkage International ($18K) 2008-2010Grice, Ward. Chemostat experiments to mimic toxic environments associated with mass extinction events.
      • ARC Linkage ($580K) 2008-2011 – Cawood, Grice, Hocking, Kirschvink, Montgomery, Playford, Playton, Thompson, Trotter, Ward. Chronostratigraphic Framework for the Devonian Canning Basin A Multidisciplinary Record of Environmental Change.
      • JDL Senior Research Fellowship ($300K) 2008-2010Greenwood, Grice, Grierson, Watling.


      • Curtin Strategic Large Grant ($310K) 2008-2010Grice. WA-OIGC TOF-MS and support.
      • ARC Linkage ($135K) 2008-2010Alexander, Grice, Murray. Reduction of risk in exploration for petroleum liquids.
      • ACS Petroleum Research Fund ($140K) 2008-2010Grice. Stable carbon and hydrogen isotopes of aromatics and saturates in crude oils and sediments.


      • ARC LIEFP ($160K)Greenwood, Tibbett, Grierson, Grice, Kagi, Boreham, van Aarssen, Heitz. Advanced multi-purpose analytical pyrolysis facility.
      • ARC LIEFP ($350K) – Grierson, Grice, Murphy, Walker, Kendrick, Barton, Roberts, Brueggemann, Rennenberg. Stable isotope facility for biological, ecological, and geological applications – West Australian Biogeochemistry Centre.
      • ARC Linkage ($135K) 2006-2009 – Payenberg, McKirdy, Boult, Grice Sediment transport in upwelling currents and its relevance to an active petroleum system in the Morum Sub-basin, South Australia.


      • WA State Govt Infrastructure grant for John de Laeter Centre of Mass Spectrometry (2005-2010) ($2M) Cawood, Grice and 13 others.
      • ARC Discovery ($330K) 2006-2009Grice, Greenwood, Summons and Franzmann New molecular and isotopic biomarker approaches to establishing source, palaeoclimate, facies and thermal history of sedimentary organic matter.
      • ARC LIEFP ($350K) – Brocks, Farquhar, Grice, Haese, Shalliker A highly sensitive mass spectrometer for trace analysis of biomarker molecules to study changes in recent and ancient environments.
      • ARC LIEFP ($300K)Kagi, Grice, Alexander, Brocks, Ghisalberti, Trengove, Vernon, Heitz, Greenwood, Joll, Warton, Busetti. A research grade liquid chromatograph – mass spectrometer for quantitative analysis of trace organic analytes in complex matrices.
      • ARC Linkage ($135K)Grice, Alexander, van Aarssen, Curiale, Decker. 2005-2008 Stable carbon isotope compositions and distributions of age-diagnostic molecular fossils in Indonesian oils and source rocks for oil-source correlations.


      • ARC LIEFP ($110K)Grice, Greenwood, Dodson Accelerated solvent extractor.
      • CRC NOM ($630K) 2004-2009Greenwood, Joll, Grice, Kagi et al. Characterisation of natural organic matter.


      • ARC LIEFP ($183K)Grice, Kagi et al. Contribution to extend the Stable isotope facility: Elemental analyser and GC-GC preparative systems.
      • ARC Linkage International ($10K)Grice, Twitchett. Geology and geochemistry of Permian/Triassic sediments of the Perth Basin


    • ARC QEII Discovery Fellowship ($550K) 2002-2007Grice. Stable carbon and hydrogen isotope signatures of chemical fossils to infer palaeoenvironmental change.